What is SAP BTP Integration suite ? CPI | API Management | Open Connectors | Integration Advisor

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what is SAP BTP Integration suite ?

CPI / CI – Build Integration Scenarios
API Management – Manage APIs
B2B – Manage Trading Partners
Integration Advisor
Open connectors – Extend Non-SAP Connectivity
Assess Migration Scenarios

SAP BTP Integration Suite

Develop and manage enterprise-Lde integration across heterogeneous landscapes.
To know how to add and activate capabilities, and assign capability-specific roles to users, see Capabilities.

Build Integration Scenarios

Discover, design, and operate scenarios for
end-to-end process integration with Cloud

Manage APIs

Discover, design, and govern APIs for API
consumers with API Management.

Manage Trading Partners

Design and operate B2B scenarios with
Trading Partner Management.

Implement Interfaces and Mappings
Design interfaces and mappings using
crowdsourcing and machine learning with
Integration Advisor.

Discover Integrations

Create Integrations

Discover APIs

Configure APIs

Manage Trading Partners

Discover Type Systems

Create MIGs

Extend Non-SAP Connectivity

Connect to non-SAP cloud applications from
your integration scenarios with Open

Manage and Provide Integration
Technology Guidance
Define, document, and govern your integration
strategy powered by ISA-M with Integration

Assess Migration Scenarios
Estimate the migration effort for SAP Process
Orchestration scenarios with Migration

Manage Capabilities

Discover Connectors

Create Connectors

Create Request

Create Requests


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