SAP CPI Course

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SAP CPI Course

Introduction to SAP Cloud Integration

  • What is Integration 
  • What is Middleware 
  • What is SAP CPI 
  • SAP CPI Certification
  • SAP Cloud Strategy

SAP CPI Architecture Overview

  • Technical System architecture
  • SAP CPI Tenant
  • SAP Cloud Cockpit
  • SAP Data Centers
  • Secure Communication

Running your first Integration Scenario (Practical)

  • Consuming Prepackaged Content 
  • Configure Integration package
  • Modify prepackaged content
  • Prepackaged Content provided by SAP
  • Creating your own content Package
  • Hello CPI World
  • ODATA scenario

SAP Cloud Tools

  • CPI Web UI Tool
  • SAP Cloud platform
  • SAP Cloud Connector

CPI Design Objects / Pallet Objects

  • Content Modifier
  • Content enricher
  • Data transformation and mappings
  • Content based routing
  • Sender and Receiver steps
  • Integration process and Local Sub process
  • Exception Sub process
  • Events
  • Filters
  • Asynchronous Message Handling
  • Message Converter and Decoder
  • Splitter, Gather and Aggregator
  • Multicast and Join
  • Timer-Based Message Transfer
  • Structuring of Large integration flows
  • Message persistence
  • Data Store Operation
  • Working with Value mappings

Groovy scripting and exception handling

SAP Cloud Integration Adapters

  • SOAP Adapters
  • Success Factors Adapters
  • Mail Adapter
  • Twitter Adapter
  • OData Adapter
  • IDOC Adapter
  • HTTP Adapter
  • SFTP Adapter
  • Ariba Adapter
  • Developing Custom Adapter
  • RFC Adapter
  • FTP Adapter
  • AS2/AS4 Adapter
  • JMS Adapter

SAP Cloud Integration Operations

  • Monitor message operations
  • Manage integration content
  • Manage security material
  • Managing certificate to user mappings

SAP Cloud Integration Security

  • Transport level Security Options (TLS)
  • Message-level Security Options (MLS)
  • Data Protection and Data flow Security
  • Certificate based Communication
  • Private Key and Public Key certificate
  • Digital Signature
  • Authentication and OAuth scenario
  • User administration and Authorization

Deep Dive into SAP CPI

  • Build complete end to end flow for a logistics Business
    • Warehouse Search
    • Consume iflows
    • Warehouse condition based routing
    • Message conversions (XML to JSON, XML to CSV and vice versa)
    • Content enricher
    • Expection subprocess
    • Email alerts

Monitoring in SAP CPI

  • Payload monitoring
  • Trace Function
  • Hybrid Deployments
  • Enhancement features
  • Security Credentials
  • Key Store
  • Number Range Objects
  • Connection test
  • Integration content management

Real-time Business Scenarios

  • Transport Management
  • Cloud to On-Prem: SuccessFactors to SAP ERP HCM
  • SAP Cloud to Cloud: SuccessFactors to Hybris
  • SuccessFactors to 3rd party systems: SF to PS via SFTP
  • Setup Cloud Connectors
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