http status 403 – forbidden SAP CPI error in Postman SOAP UI

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SOAP UI - SAP CPI error -http status 403 – forbidden
http status 403 – forbidden SAP CPI error in SOAP UI / Postman

Scenario – You are using a test tool SOAPUI or Postman and testing a http/https scenario in SAP CPI. You are using a HTTPS adapter in SAP CPI artifact / iflow and getting below error.

Error – http status 403 – forbidden SAP CPI.

Cause – You are using CSRF Protected authorization in connection parameter.

Http status 403 – forbidden SAP CPI 


Resolution – Disable / uncheck the CSRF Protected check box under the HTTPS adapter connection. You can also check the demo in our latest video


Result – Retest the scenario. Now the error “http status 403 – forbidden sap CPI” is gone. If you still have the issue, please leave us a comment. Check out a few more blogs on SAP CPI Errors.


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  1. Avinash says:

    Still I am facing the 403 forbidden error in postman

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