Groovy in SAP CPI

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Groovy in SAP CPI

Introduction to Groovy in SAP CPI

  • Basics of programing 
  • Programming v/s Scripting Language
  • Introduction to Groovy
  • Groovy v/s Java
  • Use Cases for Groovy Script
  • Tools required

Basics Of Groovy Scripts

  • Environment Setup and Prerequisites
  • Familiarize IntelliJ IDEA(IDE)
  • Groovy Keywords
  • Syntaxes and Data Types
  • Comments Styling
  • Identifiers
  • Strings and Its Operations

Using Array , loops and Patterns

Handling I/O and Maps

  • Using Input and Output Streams
  • Hashmap and its Utilities
  • Working with Date Manipulations

Advance Techniques

  • Using Closures
  • Stringwriter and its Applications
  • MarkupBuilder

Groovy in SAP CPI

  • IDE Setup for CPI groovy Development
  • Groovy in Iflow
  • Groovy in Message Mapping
  • Script Collection

Transforming data using Groovy

  • Parsing and Reading XML’s
  • Modifying XML
  • Building XML using Groovy
  • Using XMLUtil
  • Parsing JSON
  • Modifying JSON and Pretty Print
  • Other Format Transformations(CSV/Fixed length)

Accessing Standard CPI Artifacts using Groovy

  • Working on Value Mappings
  • Working on Security Artifacts
  • Using Apache Camel Simple Expression in Groovy

Business use cases 

  • Base64 encoding , decoding
  • Lookup Call using Groovy
  • Timestamp conversion
  • Creating Dynamic query
  • SuccessFactors Scenario

Performance Tips for Groovy in SAP CPI

  • Large Payload handling
  • handling Duplicates
  • Performance tuning


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